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elderly African American man

This has been an amazing experience. I find everybody, staff, very professional, and patient. I would recommend Mission Carmichael to anyone looking for a skilled nursing facility that I consider to be five-star. The staff has been amazing, and the experience has also been very, very positive. I have been to two other skilled nursing facilities and Mission Carmichael rises, far above the other experiences I have had.

Keith B.

5-star, Google Review

A big thank you to the staff for being so caring and accommodating while I was at Mission Carmichael Care Center. I highly recommend this facility for short-term therapy.

John B.

5-star, Google Review

I recently toured this nursing facility and was impressed with how nice it was. As soon as I walked in the door the staff were welcoming. Lots of smiles. Thank you for giving me a tour and answering all my questions.

John B.

5-star, Yelp Review

I have been so impressed with the staff at Mission Carmichael. I recently had a care conference with Monica and the nursing team. They have kept me informed on a consistent basis with my sister’s care. Thank you to all for caring.

Robert K.

5-star, Google Review

Looking for a nursing home for your love ones is always difficult. The hospital gave me a list of accepting nursing homes and basically told me to pick one. How do I pick?

As I stared at the paper a lady came into the room and introduce herself as a rep from Mission Carmicheal Healthcare. I think she saw the stress on my face, and started consoling me. I didn’t know what questions to ask, so she told me what people normally asked her, and gave me the answers. She invited me to tour the facility. I admit it was a bit further than I expected. But, after touring the facility I decided on taking dad here. He’s been there 3 weeks now and the therapy has been absolutely amazing. We get to take dad home next week just in time for the Christmas. Reviews aren’t great on here as I’m very surprised. I suggest you coming to see the place yourself and meet the staff. In the end, I made the right choice.

Kathy M.

5-star, Yelp Review

Mission of Carmichael staff has been amazing from the moment we stepped in the door!! My wife Jennifer was in a horrific car accident and faces many challenges moving forward. The staff here has taken great care of Jennifer. They are a caring, passionate and patient staff! The therapist are amazing! They keep all of there patients active though out the day. They are very passionate and trusting! Corina and Rau have been amazing to the start of our new journey! Seeing steady progress daily! I can’t say enough about this staff and their leadership! Thank you Mission of Carmichael

Richard S.

5-star, Yelp Review

The nursing staff have done everything they could to get my mom’s pain management back on track. They have listened to and responded with compassion and action. Covid restrictions have made this transition in my mom’s care difficult so I appreciate their communication and professionalism.

Jamie R.

Yelp Review

Mission Carmichael provides outstanding service. The employees are very thoughtful and caring. The facility is always well taken care of and clean. It is a blessing to have a place like this. Thank you to all the wonderful people who keep this place up and running so smoothly.

Cory B.

Google Review

My 88 yr old Alzheimer’s mother was transferred here from Kaiser ER after falling and unable to walk. She was here for PT. Mother rec’d very good attention. The nurses and nursing assistants were friendly and kind. All her needs were met.The room and bedding was clean. The food was good. Mother could ask for anything she wanted and they would bring it. PT went on for 4 weeks until Kaiser cut her off pt because she was not progressing.

I could go into the linen closet and change her bedding whenever I thought it needed changing, which would be every other day. No one complained about that. There were lots of towels and bedding. Nurses also said I can get extra towels from the laundry room attentants, which I did. The nurses were nice and caring. I have no complaints.

PT still came around once a week and took her to physical therapy as part of the nursing care. I also was allowed to take her into the pt room and work with my mom as often as I wanted. I would take her out on her wheel chair and walk around the block and sit in the sun.  There is a small well kept park in the back of the facility.

My mom stopped eating as part of her alzheimer’s condition. The nutriionist came around numerous times to ask what they can prepare for her so she could eat. They went out of thier way to find what she liked but mom’s body was just shutting down and no matter what they did she was deteriorating from Alzheimers side effects.  She was given morphin to keep her comfortable and the nurses moved her often and still kept her clean while in a semi coma. Mother passed away comfortably.

I do recommend this place my experience was good.

Natalie R.

Yelp Review

I sent my mother here and the service was great! The staff was very friendly. After a month of her staying here, she was able to go straight to a care home because of the great services.

LInda H.

Google Review

Mission Carmichael is passionate about the care they provide to their patients and customer satisfaction to patients, their families and friends. They do a wonderful job in making patients feel at home and staff members regularly check the comfort and safety of their residents. It’s a first hand experience when I accompanied my friend to visit her dad. I wouldn’t hesitate to place my own mother at Mission Carmichael when the time comes.

Benitrez R.

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